Product Documentation

Configuring the vDisk Access Mode

Sep 28, 2016
Use the Console to select from the following vDisk access modes:
  • Private Image – Select this mode if a vDisk is only used by a single target device (read/write access is enabled).
  • Standard Image – Select this mode if a vDisk is shared by multiple target devices (write-cache options enabled).
To configure the vDisk mode and any applicable write cache destination:
Note: Only those write cache destinations that are supported for Standard access mode appear enabled.
  1. On the Console, right-click on the vDisk for which you want to configure the vDisk access mode, then select vDisk Properties. The vDisk Properties dialog appears.
  2. Click on the General tab, then select the image mode (Standard or Private) that applies to this vDisk from the Access Mode drop-down list.
  3. If Standard image was selected, from the cache destination drop-down list, select the appropriate write cache destination. (Refer to the section that follows for write-cache destination descriptions.)
  4. Click OK to exit the vDisk Properties dialog.