Product Documentation

Manually Updating a vDisk Image

Sep 28, 2016
The vDisk Versions dialog allows you to manually create a new version of the vDisk's base image.
Note: To automate an update process, configure for vDisk Update Management (refer to Automating vDisk Updates).
This procedure requires that:
  • a Maintenance device has been assigned to the vDisk being updated.
  • no version of this vDisk is currently under maintenance.
Note: Updating images for devices that use a personal vDisk, must be done on a virtual machine that does not have a personal vDisk attached. Otherwise, updates are saved to the personal vDisk image rather than the virtual machine image.
To create a new version:
  1. In the Console, right-click on a vDisk to version within a device collection or vDisk pool, then select Versions... from the context menu. The vDisk Versions dialog appears.
    Note: Verify that the vDisk is currently not in Private Image mode.
  2. Click New. The new version displays in the dialog with Access set to Maintenance and the update Type method set to Manual.
  3. Boot the vDisk from a Maintenance device, install or remove applications, add patches, and complete any other necessary updates, then shutdown the Maintenance device. Optionally, test that changes were made successfully.
    Note: If booting a Test or Maintenance device, a boot menu displays that allows the user to select from which vDisk, or version of that vDisk, to boot from unless the device is a PvD Test device.
  4. Right-click on the vDisk, then select the Promote... menu option from the context menu that appears (for more details on promoting versions refer to Promoting Updated Versions).
  5. Select to promote this maintenance version into test or directly into production. If Production is selected, set the availability of this version in production to be either immediate or scheduled.
  6. Click OK to promote this version and end maintenance.