Product Documentation

Known issues

Jan 15, 2016
  • Secure Boot mode in Generation 2 virtual machines is not supported by the Provisioning Services bootstrap file. All XenDesktop Setup Wizard provisioned machines have Secure Boot disabled.
  • Boot Device Mode (BDM) is not supported for UEFI boot systems. This includes VMM Generation 2 virtual machines. You can select BDM mode in the XenDesktop Setup Wizard, but it is not supported for Generation 2 templates.
  • Provisioning from a Generation 2 template with availability set to High results in new VMs with availability set to Normal. To enable high availability on existing provisioned virtual machines:
  1. Shut down the virtual machine.
  2. Use the SCVMM Migrate Virtual Machine action, which allows you to set availability, and select 'Make this VM highly available'.
  3. Restart the virtual machine to continue streaming.
  • Generation 2 virtual machine provisioning does not clone any virtual NICs at this time. One virtual NIC is created for Provisioning Services streaming use. Any additional virtual NICs required will need to be added after provisioning.
  • The Provisioning Services target will crash when starting if you are using a VMware 5.1 virtual machine with the VMXNET3 driver and jumbo frames set larger than 1506 MTU. This is because the Provisioning Services BniStack does not handle MDL chaining of received packets, and the VMXNET3 driver is using MDL chains to pass up the jumbo packets received from the network. The workaround is to set the MTU of Provisioning Services to 1506 or use the VMware E1000 driver.