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Known issues

Jun 02, 2017

The following issues are known to exist in this release. 

  • If the Administrator changes the group policy setting, MaxPasswordAge, the StoreFront default domain service does not reload the new value. In StoreFront, the user may be shown the incorrect "number of days until password expiry". To work around this issue, restart the Citrix default domain service on each StoreFront server to re-read the value.

    [# DNA-41380]
  • Users cannot log on to Citrix Receiver for Web if a custom authentication form contains an element with ID=confirmBtn. Users are unable to log on to Citrix Receiver for Web if a StoreFront authentication extension generates a custom authentication form containing an element with ID confirmBtn. Workaround: The authentication extension should use a different ID value in the custom form.

[# 603196, DNA-22593]

  • Studio console crashes with an MMC error after clicking StoreFront node for the first time. After the XenDesktop installation completes and you open the Studio console (and do not close it) and click the StoreFront node in the left pane for the first time, the MMC snap-in might crash. Workaround: Reopen Studio.

[#655031, DNA-40366]

  • Reconnecting apps in the Chrome browser might fail. When using the Chrome browser and reconnecting to published applications from XenApp and XenDesktop servers, clicking Connect for the applications might only reconnect the first session when more than one session is being used. Workaround: Click Connect again to reconnect each additional session being used.

[# 575364, DNA-22561]

  • Apps in AppController. Apps published in AppController might not start. Workaround: Use the StoreFront PowerShell commands to manually create a store with an authentication service located at http://sfserver/Citrix/Authentication.

[# 599292]

  • Configuration of Optimal HDX routing with old PowerShell cmdlet fails. When attempting to configure Optimal HDX routing with the old PowerShell cmdlet using Set-DSOptimalGatewayForFarms, the command fails.


1. Configure a global gateway with the settings you want for Optimal HDX routing using the Add-DSGlobalV10Gateway command and provide default values for the authentication settings.

2. Use the Add-DSStoreOptimalGateway command to add the optimal gateway configuration.

Add-DSGlobalV10Gateway -Id 2eba0524-af40-421e-9c5f-a1ccca80715f -Name LondonGateway -Address "http://example" -Logon Domain -SecureTicketAuthorityUrls @("http://staurl1", "http://staurl2")
Add-DSStoreOptimalGateway -SiteId 1 -VirtualPath /Citrix/Store1 -GatewayId 2eba0524-af40-421e-9c5f-a1ccca80715f -Farms @("Controller") -EnabledOnDirectAccess $true

[# 624040]

  • Authentication Service problems after upgrade. Upgrades from StoreFront 2.x to 3.x followed by a propagation to the server group might result in an entry for the pnaAuthenticationStartupModule being added to the authentication configuration file. Because entries can be added only to authentication services that have been enabled for PNA authentication services and PNA password change, the authentication service cannot start, as it's missing the named start-up module. Workaround: Remove the entry from the authentication configuration file. By default, the configuration file resides at C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\<Your_Auth_Service>\web.config.

[# 640644]