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Integrate with NetScaler Gateway and NetScaler

Sep 22, 2016

Use NetScaler Gateway with StoreFront to provide secure remote access for users outside the corporate network and NetScaler to provide load balancing.

Add a NetScaler Gateway connection Add NetScaler Gateway deployments through which users can access your stores.
Configure NetScaler Gateway connection settings Update details of the NetScaler Gateway deployments through which users access your stores.
Load balancing with NetScaler Configure a NetScaler appliance to load balance incoming requests from Citrix Receiver/Citrix Receiver for Web between all of the StoreFront nodes in the server group and to configure the new Storefront Monitor for use with a NetScaler or third party load balancer.
Configure NetScaler and StoreFront for Delegated Forms Authentication (DFA) Extensible authentication provides a single customization point for extension of NetScaler and StoreFront form-based authentication. To achieve an authentication solution using the Extensible Authentication SDK, you must configure Delegated Form Authentication (DFA) between NetScaler and StoreFront. 
Configure beacon points Specify URLs inside and outside your internal network to be used as beacon points. Citrix Receiver attempts to contact beacon points and uses the responses to determine whether users are connected to local or public networks.