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About Worx Mobile Apps

Aug 23, 2016

Citrix-developed Worx mobile apps provide a suite of productivity and communication tools within the XenMobile environment that are secured by your company's policies. Worx mobile apps are the following:

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Worx Home is the launchpad for the Citrix XenMobile experience. Users enroll their devices in Worx Home to gain access to the WorxStore, from which they can add Citrix-developed Worx apps and third-party apps, all of which you secure with the MDX Toolkit.

You control the configuration and operation of Worx apps through administrative features, such as MDX policies and other XenMobile settings. This article summarizes the new Worx app features and provides an overview of Worx app administration and delivery.

You can download XenMobile components from

Planning a XenMobile deployment involves many considerations. For recommendations, common questions, and use cases for your end-to-end XenMobile environment, see the XenMobile Deployment Handbook.

What's New in Worx Mobile Apps

Worx Home

New PIN/passcode strength option. There is now a High option for passcode or PIN strength. The rules for High are the same as for Medium, but High additionally requires one capital letter and one small letter.

Inactivity timer functionality (Android). The Worx Home inactivity timer is now set by the XenMobile server client property, Inactivity Timer. This property sets the number of minutes that users can leave their devices inactive and then can access an app without being prompted for a Worx PIN or passcode. The timer resets whenever users interact with their devices. In previous releases, the inactivity timer acted as an offline timer that defined how long a device could be offline before authentication on the XenMobile server was required.


HTML formatting for calendar events (iOS). When WorxMail syncs a calendar event that was created on a desktop client, HTML formatting, such as bold text and bullets, is preserved. This feature aligns iOS with Android functionality.

Unlimited email sync (iOS)
. Users can sync all their mail by choosing the All option under Sync Mail Period in Settings. This feature aligns iOS with Android functionality.


Download from HTTP sites. Users can download files from websites that use HTTP basic authentication.