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Secure Forms Mobile App Preview

Sep 06, 2016

You can download the Secure Forms QuickStart Guide here.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on iOS.

With Citrix Secure Forms, formerly Citrix WorxForms, users can fill out and submit forms that were created with the Secure Forms Composer.

You can download the Secure Forms mobile app at the XenMobile downloads page. After you download the app, you can then secure the app with the MDX Toolkit.

System Requirements

Secure Forms is supported only on iPhones and iPads running iOS versions 9 to 9.3.

Installing Secure Forms

Users sign on to Worx Home, tap WorxStore and then select Secure Forms from the list of apps.  Secure Forms will automatically install on their iPhones.

Using Secure Forms

When users open Secure Forms, they'll see a list of forms available to them, under Templates

localized image

Forms are auto-saved as users fill them out, so users can pause while completing a form and return to the form later. 

Left-Swipe Actions

In Submitted and In Progress, a left swipe brings up options to delete a form or send the form as a PDF attachment with WorxMail.

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Field-Level Help

Tapping a blue question mark next to a field brings up help text pertaining to that field. Help text is added to a field in the Secure Forms Composer when the form is created. 

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Submitting Media

Secure Forms allows users to take or attach photos, as well as record audio and video. It may take a few minutes to submit forms that contain media. Users should wait until the form is successfully submitted before navigating away from the app, because the submission process might pause if Secure Forms is put in the background.

Offline Use

If users are in a location without an Internet connection, they can still fill out and submit a form. The form uploads when connectivity is restored.

If users want to upload forms only with WiFi to save cell phone data, in Settings, they can turn on Save Form Data > On Wi-Fi Only.

If users have an unlimited data plan, in Settings, they can turn on Save Form Data > On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi. The form uploads when users return to a coverage area.