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How to Update Worx Mobile Apps for iOS 9

Jun 22, 2016

To help users understand how to safely upgrade Worx mobile apps for iOS 9, we encourage you to provide them with following information.


Earlier versions of Worx mobile apps are not compatible with iOS 9 and cannot be updated. Opening an earlier version of Worx mobile apps on iOS 9 can result in data corruption.

Before upgrading your device to iOS 9, follow these steps to update Worx mobile apps for iOS 9:

1. Get the 10.2 version of Worx apps from the Worx Store.

2. After the updates install on your device, open any updated Worx app.

3. If you haven’t already set a device passcode, Worx prompts you to set one. After you set the device passcode, open the Worx app.

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4. When prompted, enter your Worx PIN.

    Worx updates your app data.  

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Be sure to keep the app open until the update completes. Worx then prompts you to quit and reopen the app. 

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What Else Might Happen During an Update?

Worx lets you know what to do if it detects something unexpected during the upgrade. For example:

  • If you upgrade to iOS 9 before upgrading to the latest version of a Worx app, Worx prompts you to upgrade the app.
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  • If Worx can’t update your app data because your device doesn’t have enough disk space or memory, it suggests how to solve the issue.
  • If Worx can’t update your app data for other reasons, it asks you to delete and re-install the app.