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Fixed Issues in Worx Mobile Apps 10.2

Aug 23, 2016

The following issues were fixed in the most recent versions of the Worx mobile apps. For fixed issues in Worx Mobile Apps 10.0.x, see the PDF Worx Mobile Apps 10.0.x - Fixed Issues.

Worx Home 10.3.10

If an MDX app or Worx Home starts when user entropy is required, and the MDX container is relocked due to inactivity or a signoff from Worx Home, a passcode challenge is issued even though Touch ID is expected. [#641522]

In Worx Home for iOS, when users try to open third-party apps, the apps crash. [#652715]

Android devices might fail to connect to WorxWeb with the error "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET," or connect but fail to use the configured proxy, when WorxWeb is configure as follows:

  • The Network access policy is set to Tunneled to the internal network (this is the default).
  • The Preferred VPN mode policy set to Full VPN tunnel.
  • The PAC file URL or proxy server policy pointing to a file URL or a proxy server. [CXM-14785]

In Worx Home for Android, when certificate-based authentication is required, when users sign out of Worx Home or Worx Home times-out and closes, and then users open an MDX app, the icon appears but the app stops responding. [CXM-12612]

WorxMail 10.3.10

When the Paste policy is set to Restricted, logs generated for other apps can't be sent using WorxMail. [CXM-13086]

In WorxMail for Android configured with Lotus Notes Domino, meetings created in the British time zone are shown as the Casablanca time zone. [CXM-13131]

In WorxMail for Android, accepted meetings are showing as tentative. [CXM-13285]

In certificate authentication deployments, WorxMail for iOS prompts users for their passwords when a 401 error occurs. [CXM-13429]

In WorxMail for Android, when users tap Dial In to join a WebEx meeting, the conference code is not fetched automatically if the text "webex" is not present in the meeting URL. [CXM-13519]

In WorxMail for Android, when users try to join a meeting using a WebEx-generated URL with non-word characters such as hyphens preceding "", the Join Meeting button is disabled. [CXM-13520]

Secure Forms 10.3.10

In a ShareFile environment with a mix of customer-managed and Citrix-managed StorageZones, an error appears. [CXM-13243]

File names of forms collected with the post-to-web-service method are not in a human-readable format. [CXM-13868]

When you add a weblink in the XenMobile console, when users with Secure Web for Android open the webclip, the link displays the internal NetScaler Gateway URL, in error. [CXM-15168]

WorxWeb 10.3.10

WorxWeb set up with a PAC proxy will fail to connect on Android N and fail to use the proxy on Android 4.4. [CXM-14785]