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WorxChat Mobile App

May 28, 2016

WorxChat gives users a robust set of messaging features, including many with which users are already familiar from their desktop Lync client.

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For information on how to download, wrap and configure policies for WorxChat, please see WorxChat Tech Preview.

For a visual overview of WorxChat features, you can download the WorxChat Guide:

WorxChat Mobile App Features

Text or email. To send a new text message, users either tap the new message icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, or swipe right on a contact's name. The text compose field appears at the bottom of the screen. 

If users want to email a contact instead, they can swipe right on the contact's name, tap More, then tap Email.

Status. The user's current status carries over from Lync and vice-versa. The available status options are:

  • Available
  • Away
  • Off work
  • Be right back
  • Busy
  • Do not disturb

To change the status, tap the gear icon in the upper-left corner, tap the drop-down menu below their name, then choose from the list.  

Group messages. There are two ways users can message several people at once:

  • Tap the new message icon in the upper-right corner and then tap on each recipient's name in the list of contacts.
  • From an existing message, tap the Information icon in the upper-right corner and then tap Add Participant.  

When an organizer adds a user to an existing group conversation, the user will first receive a blank message from the organizer. This message serves as an invitation to the group chat. Once either the user or organizer sends a message, the user receives and can send messages within the group as well.

Receipts.  Users can tell when their messages are sent, seen, or not delivered.  

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Set off-work hours. Users aren't disturbed during hours they specify in Settings > Off Work. Messages received during that time are saved for users to read when they sign back on. 

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Personal status. Users can add a few words about themselves, such as a job title or brief work description. These phrases appear next to their names in other people's lists of contacts.

Attach files with ShareFile. Users can attach files from ShareFile to their messages. To enable this feature, set Enable ShareFile to ON in the XenMobile console at Configure > Apps > App Information > Platform > iOS.

Push notifications. WorxChat is configured with Apple Push Notifications, which notify users right away that they have new messages and also keep their badge counts updated, even if WorxChat is in the background or inactive. For more information on configuring push notifications in WorxChat, see Push Notifications.

WorxChat Frequently Asked Questions

Where do messages go when I'm using multiple clients?

WorxChat follows the Microsoft multiple points of presence (MPOP) protocol for Lync. See this Microsoft tech note.

When Lync is connected on a desktop (the most common case with multiple clients) and WorxChat is in the foreground, WorxChat will automatically accept new messages.

If WorxChat is in the background:

  • The first message in a new conversation is delivered to both the desktop and as a push notification on WorxChat.
  • The desktop client has 35 seconds to accept the conversation before WorxChat auto accepts.
  • All subsequent messages in the conversation are delivered to the client where the conversation is picked up.

What does WorxChat consider a "new conversation"?

A new conversation begins in the following ways:

  • When a new conversation is started with a contact on WorxChat and you have no existing message history with this person.
  • When a contact adds or invites you to a group chat.
  • When a contact leaves a group chat and then is asked to join again.
  • When a new Lync chat window is opened to start a conversation with a contact. A new desktop window is always considered a new conversation, even if the recipient has an existing conversation with the sender in WorxChat. Closing the desktop window ends the conversation.

Why are messages in a conversation always going to WorxChat even though I'm active on the desktop?

When a new conversation is started or accepted on WorxChat, all subsequent messages in that conversation are delivered to WorxChat until the conversation is terminated on the Lync server.

The Lync server terminates conversations in the following ways:

  • In a one-to-one chat, one participant closes the chat window on the desktop.
  • In a group chat, someone closes the chat window on the desktop or leaves the conversation in WorxChat.

If all participants are on a WorxChat client, the server terminates the conversation after a certain period. This period isn't specified in Lync documentation.

I accepted the conversation on my desktop but WorxChat still shows the messages as unread.

The Lync server does not maintain Read status for messages, so there isn't any communication back to other clients that the message is seen. See Question 7 about how this also impacts Read and Delivered receipts.

Why can't I see previous messages sent from WorxChat on other devices?

The Lync server does not provide a way to sync history across multiple devices. So, WorxChat can only show you the history of conversations you've had on the current device.

How do I know that I missed conversations during my Off Work hours?

Your badge will indicate that you have new messages, but you won't receive any notifications. Any time you open WorxChat, the app syncs and retrieves the new messages.

I left a group conversation; can I rejoin the same conversation?

Once you leave a group conversation, you can't rejoin it unless the organizer invites you again. If the organizer invites you again, the chat will become a new conversation in your message list.

The previous group's conversation history before you left still shows in your message list, but you can't send new messages to this group. These old conversations are called "dead conversations".

Why don't I always see the Seen receipt when I send a message?

  • If the recipient is reading your message on WorxChat, you see both Sent and Seen.
  • If the recipient is reading your message on a desktop client, you see only Sent.

Why do I often see "Refreshing Content" when I open WorxChat?

WorxChat maintains a connection with the server for one minute after it is moved to the background. After this, the app becomes passive and relies on the server to send APNs notifications for any new messages received. When the app is opened again, WorxChat needs to reconnect to the server to go back to an active state. This takes a few seconds, and the message appears during this period.

Why do I see the message "No connection to server, contact your IT Admin"?

This message appears when WorxChat can't establish a connection with the WorxChat Server. This is not the same as having no Internet connection. If the issue persists, contact your IT help desk for further troubleshooting.

What does the badge count indicate?

The badge count is the number of conversations with new messages that have arrived since you last opened the app. For example, if you've received four new messages in a single conversation, the badge count will only go up by one, because only one conversation has new messages. When the app is opened, the badge count iresets to 0 (similar to Whatsapp).  

Why is my unread count inside the app different than my badge count?

There are two reasons this may happen:

  • The count inside the app shows the total number of unread conversations, while the badge count is reset every time the app is opened. So, if you don't read all your messages, the count inside the app always shows more.
  • As described in a preceding answer, the app remains in an active state for one minute when it is moved into the background. Any existing conversations updated when the app is in the active state locally updates the badge and does not use APNs. APNs kicks in after one minute when the app becomes passive, and any new notifications cause the badge count to update. So, if you received messages when the app was still in the active state, but did not read them, this discrepancy can occur.

What happens if I switch my device into airplane mode or go into an area with poor connectivity?

As long as you don't sign out of the app or put yourself in Do Not Disturb mode, the WorxChat Server will cache messages. Once WorxChat is connected and checks in with the server again, the messages are delivered.       

How do I sign off from WorxChat?

Go to Settings > Accounts > Sign Off.

The app automatically signs you off if there's no activity for three days, or whatever time period your IT administrator  has configured. So, if you go on vacation and forget to sign off, do not worry. The app signs off for you.

How do the different presence options get set in WorxChat?

WorxChat supports the following presence states, which are standard for Lync. Some presence states impact whether you can send or receive messages.

When Lync is integrated with telephony and meeting features, it supports custom presence strings, such as "On the phone" or "In a meeting." WorxChat does not currently support this feature. In these cases, it shows the presence as "Busy".

Presence How is this set? Can I send/receive messages?

Available - mobile

  • Automatic when you sign on to or open WorxChat  
  • Automatic when the Off Work time period ends
  • Manually set in WorxChat Settings


Away - Mobile

WorxChat disconnects from the server after a certain amount of time in the background.



Your status on the desktop client is Available.



  • Manually set in WorxChat Settings or on the desktop client.
  • You have your desktop client integrated with your Calendar to set this automatically.


Do not disturb

Manually set in WorxChat Settings or on the desktop client.

No. Lync prevents users from sending you messages.

Be right back

Manually set in WorxChat Settings or on the desktop client.


Appear away

Manually set in WorxChat Settings or on the desktop client.


Off work

  • Automatically, based on the Off Work hours in WorxChat Settings.
  • Manually set via WorxChat Settings or the desktop client.

Yes, but messages are delayed. Messages are stored and synced when you become available again or the app is brought to the foreground.


You sign out of WorxChat from Settings.

No. Lync prevents users from sending you messages.