Product Documentation


Jun 22, 2016

With QuickEdit, users can create and edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and image files, as well as view PDFs, on their mobile phones and tablets. You can configure QuickEdit to be pushed to user devices automatically when the devices are enrolled in Worx Home, or users can add the app from the Worx Store.

System Requirements for QuickEdit

QuickEdit is supported for any device that runs one of the following operating systems:

iOS: 8 – 9.3

Android: 4.4.x, 5.x, and 6.x

Citrix has tested QuickEdit on the following devices. Not all supported devices are listed.

  • iPhone 4 – iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPad 2 – iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini – iPad mini 3
  • Nexus
  • Samsung Note
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • LG G
  • HTC One

What's New in QuickEdit

  • iOS 9 compatibility.

Important: Apps wrapped with MDX Toolkit 10.0.x will not run on iOS 9. Users must upgrade to apps wrapped with MDX Toolkit 10.2 before upgrading to iOS 9. If users try to open older wrapped apps with iOS 9, they will not be able to upgrade those apps and must reinstall a version wrapped with MDX Toolkit 10.2 before upgrading to iOS 9.

  • Android compatibility with ShareFile. QuickEdit for Android is now compatible with ShareFile, aligning Android with iOS capability. ShareFile users can open documents stored on ShareFile, edit them, and then save them back to ShareFile. When configuring QuickEdit for ShareFile users, you should permit single sign-on (SSO) to allow users to save to the cloud. Users without ShareFile accounts can save documents locally on their devices.
  • Presenter mode. Users can make PowerPoint presentations from their mobile devices with full support for external displays, transitions, and custom animations.
  • Additional language support. QuickEdit now supports Swedish, Danish and Italian versions.

Integrating and Delivering QuickEdit

To integrate and deliver QuickEdit with XenMobile, follow these general steps:

  1. You can optionally enable SSO from Worx Home. To do that, you configure ShareFile account information in XenMobile to enable XenMobile as a SAML identity provider for ShareFile.

    Configuring the ShareFile account information in XenMobile is a one-time setup used for all Worx clients, ShareFile Worx clients, and non-MDX ShareFile clients. For details, see To configure ShareFile account information in XenMobile for SSO.

  2. Download ( and wrap QuickEdit. For details, see About the MDX Toolkit.
  3. Add QuickEdit to XenMobile using the same steps as for other MDX apps. For details, see To add an MDX app to XenMobile.

QuickEdit Features

QuickEdit is the editing tool for the Worx family of apps. Its compatibility with WorxMail and ShareFile allow for a seamless workflow within the secure Worx environment. Users can open and edit WorxMail attachments with either QuickEdit or ShareFile.

QuickEdit also is compatible with native mail programs for easy sharing or transferring of files, either as an attachment or ShareFile link.

Many of the standard features of the Microsoft Office suite are available in WorxMail. These include:


  • Text formatting, such as highlight color, bold, italic, underline, font type, and font size
  • Paragraph formatting, including alignment, line spacing, margins, indenting, bullets, and numbering
  • Tables, including table creation
  • Floating and inline images (inserted from camera roll or pasted from other apps)
  • Shapes and floating text boxes
  • Textual tracked changes
  • Footnotes, endnotes, and comments
  • Multi-column formatting
  • Section breaks, page breaks, and column breaks
  • View headers and footers
  • Ruler with ability to set paragraph margins and tab stops
  • Searching of text within documents
  • Undo and redo; up to 100 undo levels
  • Auto-correction and auto-completion
  • Spell check
  • Copy and paste; even text and images from other apps


  • Ability to handle multiple worksheets
  • Search and sort cells
  • Cell formatting: bold, italic, borders, text and cell color, alignment, and text wrapping
  • Cell types: general, number, currency, percentage, date, time, and text
  • Merge cells
  • Pane freezing
  • Tap and drag to change row heights and column widths
  • Intelligent auto-range selection for range-based functions
  • Tap cells to compose formula
  • Insert, copy, paste, or cut cell ranges, rows, or columns
  • Date formats, date separators, and numeric separators all handled correctly according to the current locale, with manual override
  • More than 180 functions


  • Insert images and common shapes
  • Comprehensive text and paragraph formatting: font size and face, text color and highlight, paragraph alignment, and line spacing
  • Rotation of text and shapes
  • Slide ordering, duplication, deletion, and hide/unhide
  • Slide-show local mode with simulated laser pointer
  • Slide-show presentation on external monitor, with new Presenter's Mode

File organization/cloud storage

  • Personal ShareFile account with 1 GB of free storage
  • Open, edit, save, delete, and rename files stored in Google Drive, Dropbox,, Microsoft OneDrive, Huddle, and any WebDAV server
  • Organize files into folders

Versioning and printing

  • Revert to any of the last 10 file versions
  • Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in PDF format
  • Wireless printing using AirPrint

For more details about QuickEdit features, consult the user guide in the Local Files folder (iOS) or the Help option in the overflow menu (Android).

Supported File Formats

QuickEdit supports the following types of files:

  • Microsoft Word – .doc and .docx
  • Microsoft Excel – .xlsm (Android only), .xls and .xlsx
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – .ppt and .pptx
  • PDF
  • TXT and RTF (iOS only)
  • CSV (iOS only)
  • GIF, JPEG, BMP, and PNG