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Known Issues in Worx Mobile Apps

Sep 07, 2016

The following are known issues in the current releases of Worx mobile apps. For known issues in Worx Mobile Apps 10.3, see the PDF Worx Mobile Apps Known Issues in Version 10.3.

Worx Home 10.3.10

In testing of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra beta releases, we noticed the following issues, which we reported to Apple. These issues affect only a few specific and limited use cases. Apple is reviewing these issues and we will keep you informed in our periodic updates. 

  • Users are prompted to reinstall Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) apps, while those apps are installing on the device. 
  • A XenMobile policy supports four characters and more passcode length.  However, starting with iOS 10, Apple has recommended the following:

To encourage stronger passcode usage, iOS 10 will always prompt a user to create a password of at least six characters on a TouchID–capable device even if a passcode policy is in place that allows shorter passcodes. In this case users can still enter a shorter passcode that meets the passcode policy.

In Worx Home for iOS set up for client certificate + token authentication, when users enter an incorrect PIN and tap Having Trouble?, they are prompted for a security token and, after entering the token, able to open the app. They instead should be prompted to reset their PIN. [CXM-12070] 

In Worx Home for iOS, when users delete an app, the app still shows under the My Apps tab. [CXM-14570]

In Android, if the Worx Home version installed is older than the MDX apps installed, users aren't prompted to upgrade Worx Home. [CXM-14835]

On iOS 10 devices, after upgrading Worx Home to 10.3.10, users aren't immediately prompted to enter VPN information. After refreshing WorxStore, wait a while for the VPN prompt. [CXM-14852]

On Android N devices, Worx Home can't access the installed root certificate and prompts the user to accept an invalid certificate. To continue, a user must click Accept. [CXM-14946]

On iOS 10 devices, after a user exceeds the maximum sign-on attempts for Touch ID, Worx Home prompts for a device PIN or passcode instead of the Touch ID each time the inactivity timer expires. As a workaround, lock and then unlock the device to get prompted for your Touch-ID. [CXM-14983]

In iOS, when a user opena a weblink from Worx Home or tries to send support bundle logs from Worx Home, a message appears telling the user to upgrade Worx Home. [CXM-14988]

In Worx Home for Android, when users upgrade to version 10.3.10 from 10.3.9, MDX app names are not displayed in the My Apps tab. As a workaround, users can sign off and then sign back on to Worx Home. [CXM-14991]

In iOS, after upgrading to Worx Home 10.3.10 from 10.3.8 or 10.3.9, the app crashes the first time it's opened. [CXM-15069]

When enrolling Worx Home on iOS 10, several popups overlap one another. [CXM-15187]

Android 7.0 no longer trusts a user-added certificate authority (CA): If you have a private, self-signed CA and have enabled RequireTrustedCA on ADS, client connections will break on Android 7.0. If you have a private CA that either has no ADS entry or if RequireTrustedCA is set to false, client connections aren't affected.

Android 7.0 allows users to use two apps side-by-side in Split window mode. In that mode, which is enabled by default, Android displays a message and Worx Home closes abruptly. Citrix recommends that you disable the multi-window display mode to improve the user experience.


In WorxTasks for iOS, when the STA ticket is set to expire in one hour, afters disconnecting their WiFi connection for one hour, when users start WorxTasks again, they are prompted to sign on in error. [CTX-13180]

WorxWeb 10.3.10

In Secure browse mode, WorxWeb for Android doesn't work. [CXM-14212]

In WorxWeb for iOS 10, unencrypted data such as bookmarks and exported or imported settings pass to unmanaged apps. [CXM-14247]

When WorxWeb for Android is running in VPN mode, internal websites don't render. [CXM-14321].

When a device running Android N is connected to WorxWeb in VPN mode, WorxWeb might fail to switch to Worx Home authentication after the forced timeout period has elapsed. [CXM-14617]

Android devices might fail to connect to WorxWeb with the error "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET," or connect but fail to use the configured proxy, when WorxWeb is configured with the Network access policy set to Tunneled to the internal network (this is the default), the Preferred VPN mode policy set to Full VPN tunnel, and the PAC file URL or proxy server policy pointing to a file URL or a proxy server. [CXM-14785]

In WoxWeb for Android, users cannot download files from the ShareFile website. [CXM-15098]

WorxMail 10.3.10

When users start WorxMail for iOS after a period of inactivity, the message "Cannot access WorxMail" shows, but upon refreshing, the app opens. [CXM-14774]

If certificate pinning is enabled, WorxMail shows a connection error during mail sync when there are multiple valid certificates for NetScaler Gateway in Active Directory server. [CXM-14840]

In WorxMail for iOS, scrolling horizontally on the calendar in week view causes the app to crash. [CXM-14917]

In WorxMail 10.3.10 for Android and iOS, when certificate-based authentication is configured, after a 401 error occurs, users are prompted to enter a password, in error. [#642787]