Product Documentation


Sep 23, 2016

Tags are strings that identify items such as machines, applications, Delivery Groups, and policies. After creating a tag and then adding it to an item, you can tailor certain operations to apply only to items that have a specified tag: 

  • Tailor search displays in Studio.

For example, if you want to display only applications that have been optimized for testers, add a tag named “test” to those applications. Then, filter the Studio search with the tag “test”. Similarly, if you want to display only Delivery Groups that contain test team members, add a “tester” tag to Delivery Groups that contain test team members and then filter the Studio search with the “tester” tag.

  • Apply (assign) Citrix policies to applications, machines, or Delivery Groups that have (or do not have) a specified tag.

For example, if you want to apply a Citrix policy only to the more powerful workstations, add a tag named “high power” to those machines. Then, on the Assign Policy page of the Create Policy wizard, select that tag and also the Enable checkbox. You can also add a tag to a Delivery Group and then apply a Citrix policy to that group.

Manage tags

Select a machine, application, or Delivery Group in Studio and then select Manage Tags in the Actions pane. The Manage Tags dialog box lists all the tags that have been created in the Site, not just for the item you selected. 

  • An enabled checkbox indicates that tag has already been added to the selected item. 
  • If you select a group, a checkbox containing a hyphen indicates that some, but not all items in that group have that tag added.

The following actions are available from the Manage Tags dialog box:

  • To add or remove a tag, enable or clear the checkbox next to the tags you want to add or remove. 
  • To create a tag, select Create tag. Enter a name and description. Tag names must be unique and are not case-sensitive. Then click OK.
  • To edit a tag, select a tag and then select Edit tag. Enter a new name and/or description, and then click Save. You can edit only one tag at a time.
  • To delete one or more tags, select the tags and then select Delete tag.  The Delete Tag dialog box lists how many items currently use the tags you selected. Click an item to display more information; for example, if two machines are affected, clicking that item displays the two machine names. After you see which items will be affected, confirm whether you want to delete the tags.