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Monitor Service OData API

Jun 13, 2017
In addition to using the Citrix Director console to display historical data, you can query data using the Monitor Service's API. You can use the API to:
  • Analyze historical trends for future planning
  • Perform detailed troubleshooting of connection and machine failures
  • Extract information for feeding into other tools and processes; for example, using Microsoft Excel's PowerPivot tables to display the data in different ways
  • Build a custom user interface on top of the data that the API provides

The Monitor Service API uses the Open Data (OData) protocol, which is a Web protocol for querying and updating data, built upon Web technologies such as HTTP. For more information about the OData protocol, see:

The Monitor Service API is built on top of SQL Server databases using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Data Services that are populated during processing and consolidation. Two endpoints are exposed using WCF with wsHttpBinding. The base address is: http:// {dc-host}/Citrix/Monitor/OData/v2. You can also use TLS to secure endpoints; see Securing endpoints using TLS for more information.
  1. The Data endpoint exposes read-only access directly to the database entities and can be accessed using the OData query language. This endpoint allows highly flexible access in terms of filtering and column selection. The Data API URI is: http://{dc-host}/Citrix/Monitor/OData/v2/Data. For more information about accessing the Monitor Service data, see Accessing data using the API.
  2. The Methods endpoint exposes service operations that are used by Citrix Director to retrieve data that requires complex grouping and high performance standards, such as queries on the Dashboard and Trends pages. The Methods API URI is: http://{dc-host}/Citrix/Monitor/OData/v2/Methods. Methods are used only in Director itself so are not used by the majority of Citrix customers. They are therefore not documented here.

What's new in this release?

The version of the API included with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 provides the following new features:
  • Hotfix inventory. Using the User Details view or Machine view in Director, you can see a list of all the Citrix hotfixes that have been installed on a machine. You can use the API to extract this data and create custom reports (for example, the state of installed hotfixes over an entire site) or pull it into an analytics engine. New classes have been introduced and the Machine class has been extended to support tracking Citrix hotfixes installed on the controller and VDAs.
  • Anonymous session troubleshooting. Sessions can be run as a set of pooled local user accounts. The API has a new IsAnonymous property for the Session class (default value FALSE).
  • Hosted application usage reporting. Director provides new capacity reports that show the usage of hosted applications over time. The API allows you to report on the details of each application instance running in a user session.

All the updates to data are fully documented in the API Reference at

The GetSessionSummary method has been deprecated at this release.