Product Documentation

Adding Windows Mobile Apps

Mar 05, 2014
If you select a Windows Mobile app (.cab) to be uploaded, several options appear.
Note: This is possible only with signed applications. The installation will silently fail otherwise.
  • Execute CAB file. Select this option to execute the installation automatically when the file transfer is done.
  • Silent installation. Select this option to silently install the application, without prompting the end user. Frequently, for reasons of code signatures, messages may be generated asking the device user to confirm installation of applications. Likewise, by default under Windows CE, messages ask where applications should be installed. Device Manager allows applications to be installed in silent mode without the device user having to reply to confirmation messages.
  • After installation. Select this option to avoid deleting the installation file from the device when the installation is done.
  • Destination folder: Write down the folder where the file should be uploaded.
  • Specify what to do if the file already exists. Copy the file if the files are different or do not overwrite the existing one.
  • You can also decide to register a comment if needed.