Product Documentation

To add a new tenant host

Jan 24, 2013
  1. To add a new tenant host, click New Tenant Host.
  2. In Connection Type, select the type of connection to be used from Multi-Tenant Console to the tenant server.
  3. If the server is local; for example, Multi-Tenant Console and Device Manager are running on the same physical server, in Host, enter a name for the server.
  4. If you select Windows (Remote), enter the following details:
    • Host. Indicate the name or IP address of your server
    • Login / Password. Enter the credentials to be used on the remote server.
    • Shared drive path. Indicate a shared network path on the remote server used to upload all the files that will be used, such as \\\Temp
    • Local shared path. Indicate the same path as for the shared drive path as seen locally on the server, such as . D:\Temp

To edit or delete the tenant host

  1. To edit a tenant host, click the tenant name. The tenant host summary appears.
  2. If the server is a remote, click Check Connection to verify that Multi-Tenant Console can connect to the remote host.
  3. Click Edit to edit the tenant host details or click Delete to delete the tenant host.