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Installing NetScaler Gateway 10.1 in Your Network

Apr 14, 2014

NetScaler Gateway allows remote users to securely access internal network resources. Users can connect with any device to access their applications, email, and file shares in the internal network. You can deploy the following models in your network:

  • NetScaler SDX - a hardware platform on which virtual instances on NetScaler and NetScaler Gateway can run. For more information, see the NetScaler documentation in Citrix eDocs.
  • NetScaler Gateway MPX - a physical appliance.
  • NetScaler VPX - a virtual machine.

Before you install either the physical appliance or the virtual appliance, complete the NetScaler information in the XenMobile Solution Pre-Installation Checklist. After you install the physical appliance by following the instructions in Installing the Model MPX Appliance, you turn on the appliance and perform the initial configuration. This includes configuring:

  • NetScaler Gateway IP address (NSIP)
  • Subnet IP address (SNIP)
  • Default gateway
  • DNS servers
  • Host name
  • Licenses
  • Certificates that include the fully qualified domain name (FQDN)

For more information about NetScaler Gateway, see the following topics in Citrix eDocs: