Product Documentation


Mar 10, 2014

XenMobile is a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage mobile devices, applications, and data. With XenMobile, you can control mobile devices with full configuration, security, provisioning, and support capabilities. XenMobile securely delivers mobile applications built using the Worx App SDK and made available through the Worx App Gallery. In addition, users can access all of their mobile, SaaS, web, and Windows-based applications from a unified app store, including integrated email, browser, data sharing, and support applications.

The XenMobile solution consists of the following components.

  • Device Manager. Enables you to manage mobile devices, set policies and compliance rules, control mobile applications and data, and shield your network from mobile threats.
  • App Controller. Aggregates, controls, and securely delivers Windows, web, SaaS, and mobile applications, integrated ShareFile data, and virtual desktops. Users get a single point of access and self-service for all of their corporate applications.
  • MDX Toolkit. Converts unsigned iOS and Android mobile applications (.ipa or .apk) into signed MDX files. The conversion embeds a policy framework and default set of policies that enable you to configure, securely distribute, and manage each prepared application through App Controller.
  • Worx apps. Mobile users can connect with Worx Home to enroll their devices and access their mobile apps from App Controller. Users can connect to the Worx Store to download Worx Home, WorxMail, and WorxWeb.
  • ShareFile. A cloud-based file sharing service that enables users to exchange documents easily and securely. ShareFile provides users with a variety of access options, including a web-based interface, desktop tools, and integration with Microsoft Outlook.
  • NetScaler Gateway. Enables remote users to securely access internal network resources, such as applications, email, and file shares.