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About XenMobile 9

Aug 04, 2015

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For issues fixed with each XenMobile 9.0 release, see

Version 9.0.4 for the MDX Toolkit and SDK release

The MDX Toolkit update addresses issues introduced with iOS 8 where the operating system manages data caching for apps. This fix disables data caching on the disk for MDX wrapped apps avoiding the potential for data leakage. The Worx App Suite (WorxMail, WorxWeb, WorxNotes, ShareFile, WorxEdit) requires re-wrapping. See CTX200260 for additional information.

If the iOS application is using NSURLCache as a caching mechanism in the context of URL loading system (NSURLConnection), then your application requires the new Worx App SDK and MDX Toolkit to address this vulnerability. The change in the SDK and MDX Toolkit disables disk caching using the NSURICache mechanism. See CTX200260 for additional information.

Support for Windows 10

You can now allow your users to enroll and you can manage Windows 10 devices. To enable Windows 10 device enrollment and management, you must first apply the following update to XenMobile Device Manager:

Support for Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

XenMobile 9.0.3 components are available for Android 5.0. The updated components you can download for compatibility with Android 5.0 are WorxHome, WorxMail, WorxWeb, WorxNotes, and the MDX Toolkit.

Version 9.0.3 of Windows Phone 8.1 for XenMobile

Version 9.0.3 of Windows Phone 8.1 for XenMobile includes the following enhancements. These features were previously only supported on Android and iOS devices.

Client Certificate Authentication

Worx Home can now enroll to XenMobile environments using client certificates for authentication on Windows Phone 8.1 devices. To use this feature, download and apply the patch at on the Citrix website.

Inactivity timer support

You can configure MDX policies to require users to reauthenticate after a Windows Phone 8.1 device has been inactive for a specified period of time.

IBM Notes

IBM Notes environments are supported for Windows Phone 8.1 when using WorxMail.

XenMobile 9.0.2

XenMobile 9.0.2 includes updates and enhancements to the MDX Toolkit, Worx Home, WorxMail, and other Worx apps.

iOS 8: Preparing for Apple iOS Device Upgrades to iOS 8

To make sure users do not experience issues with wrapped MDX apps after upgrading their Apple devices to iOS 8, you may need to rewrap your mobile apps with the latest version of the MDX Toolkit included with XenMobile 9.0.2 or later. You can download the MDX Toolkit from the Citrix website. You will need to log on to your Citrix account. You'll then find the latest version under XenMobile 9.0 Enterprise Edition, under Client Components.

Users also need to install the most recent version of Worx Home app (version 9.0.1 or later) on their devices from the Apple iTunes App Store.

Note: The certificate and provisioning profile requirement does not apply to third-party SDK apps, such as apps found in the Worx App Gallery. Citrix recommends, however, that you use the MDX Toolkit 9.0.2 or later.

To determine if rewrapping your MDX apps is required, first check your current Apple Developer for Enterprise Certificate settings and provisioning profiles used with the MDX Toolkit. The provisioning profile must include a Team ID and the Organizational Unit (OU) field in enterprise certificates.

You can check if your current certificate contains the OU field in the keychain and that the provisioning profile references the same certificate by following the procedure in Wrapping Worx Apps for iOS 8. If you need to rewrap your MDX apps to run on iOS 8, review the prerequisites and follow the procedure in the same topic.

WorxMail Supported One-Touch Dial Formats

WorxMail now supports the following one-touch dial formats for dialing into meetings:

  • 1-888-244-6260 x508614#
  • 1-888-244-6260 x508614#
  • 1-888-244-6260 passcode 508614
  • 1-888-244-6260 HC508614
  • 1-888-244-6260 PC 508614

XenMobile 9.0

XenMobile 9.0 includes updates and enhancements to Device Manager, the MDX Toolkit, Worx Home, WorxMail, and other Worx apps.

Device Manager

  • Windows Phone 8.1 device enrollment. You can enroll and manage devices running Windows Phone 8.1. Autodiscovery simplifies the enrollment process for users by letting them use their corporate network credentials to enroll.
  • Device Manager and App Controller updates in support of Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Apple Device Enrollment Program. XenMobile integrates with the Apple Device Enrollment Program to automatically enroll new company-issued iOS 7 devices when users complete the standard iOS initial configuration process.
  • Wi-Fi and VPN configurations for Windows 8.1 devices. You can deliver Wi-Fi and VPN configurations for Windows 8.1 devices. In addition, with the appropriate Microsoft Volume Licensing, you can side-load applications that are not available in the Windows Store.
  • Device Manager clusters. The communication between clustered Device Manager servers has been redesigned to remove the requirement for multicast session replication.
  • FIPS mode installation. The product installer provides an option to install Device Manager in a FIPS-compliant configuration.
  • Licensing. You can use Citrix Licensing installed either locally or on a remote license server to manage your XenMobile licenses.
  • Sony SD card encryption. You can deliver a configuration to encrypt external SD card storage on Sony devices running Android.
  • Windows 8 device registry configurations. Registry configurations for Windows 8 devices are no longer available. Upgrade Windows 8 users to Windows 8.1 so you can migrate them to the Windows 8.1 device management policies and configurations.

MDX Toolkit

  • Automated prerequisite check. The MDX Toolkit now allows you to perform an automated check to ensure you have met all prerequisites before you start the app-wrapping process.

Worx apps

  • Worx Home
    • Security blocks for iOS users. You can block iOS users from using AirDrop for iOS and social media apps. You can also obscure the image in the screen capture that iOS takes when Worx Home is sent to the background. Instead, a gray screen appears when using the iOS app-switching feature.
    • Advanced notification controls. You can control whether mail and calendar notifications appear on a locked device screen.
    • Simplified support requests. It is easier to send support logs and data from the Worx Home Support screen. In addition, when users email support from Worx Home, a log file of the Worx Home app processes is now attached to a WorxMail message, rather than to native email in the iOS device.
    • Simplified reenrollment for Android. Android users can reenroll in Worx Home in one step from Settings > Re-Enroll.
    • Improved PIN recovery experience. The PIN recovery steps in Worx Home include more helpful messages, as well as a link to email Support for PIN recovery.
    • Worx Home support for Windows Phone 8.1. Worx Home now supports the following authentication methods through Windows Phone 8.1:
      • Active Directory authentication
      • Free-form authentication
      • Worx PIN with Active Directory password caching

      In this release, Worx Home also offers logging support.

      Note: Users with pure MDM accounts cannot upgrade to the latest version of Worx Home. XenMobile for Windows Phone supports only pure MDM and MDM + MAM (Enterprise) modes.

  • WorxMail
    • Background App Refresh changes on iOS devices. For WorxMail on iOS devices, the behavior of the Background App Refresh feature on iOS, which dictates when email is synchronized from the server, is different in XenMobile 9.0 in a few ways from the behavior in earlier releases. For details, see Configuring WorxMail on iOS and Windows Phone 8.1 for IBM Notes Environments.
    • Redesigned interface. The WorxMail interface has a more organized look with an improved ability to switch between mail, calendar, and contacts.
    • Landscape and portrait mode support. Users can switch between portrait and landscape modes on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8.1 devices.
    • Server-side search for iOS . iOS users can now carry out server-side and client-side searches of their email.

    • Media access from email messages for Android users. Android users can now view image files and play video and audio files directly from email messages.

    • Fast Sort. iOS and Android users can switch from a Fast Sort view to process selected emails into Archive, Delete, or Mark as Read, or to move the selected emails to a folder.

    • Enhanced meeting invite response options. iOS and Android users can respond to meeting invites with comments. In addition, the meeting organizer can view the response status.

    • Global refresh. iOS and Android users can refresh their mail, calendar, and contacts at one time with a single tap.

    • WorxMail support for Windows Phone 8.1. This release offers support for the following features:
      • Mail, calendar, and contacts functionality
      • Live tiles that indicate the number of unread emails and upcoming meetings
      • GoToMeeting support for calls
      • Secure handling for attachments that are not Microsoft Office documents

      Note: XenMobile for Windows Phone supports only pure MDM and MDM + MAM (Enterprise) modes.

  • WorxWeb
    • Offline viewing. Users can save web pages for offline viewing in WorxWeb on iOS and Android devices.

    • WorxWeb support for Windows Phone 8.1. This release offers support for the following features:
      • Secure browsing and CVPN
      • Multiple tabs
      • Favorites
      • Browsing history
      • Home page

      Note: XenMobile for Windows Phone supports only pure MDM and MDM + MAM (Enterprise) modes.

    • Download file persistence. When WorxWeb is updated, files downloaded with the earlier version are now persistent.
  • WorxDesktop. Users connect to their computer's desktop from their iPad in order to access apps, files, and networked and connected drives.
  • WorxEdit
    • Users open, view, create, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files from their iOS devices.
    • WorxNotes. Users record, recall, and share text, photographic, audio, and video notes with the help of contextual information related to events, locations, and people.
  • General
    • Improved authentication experience. Users experience fewer transitions, or "flips," between apps and Worx Home. This means a reduction in the number of times the user has to reenter their credentials while remaining authenticated.
    • iPad-only apps prevented from installing on iPhones. The accidental installation of Worx apps restricted to iPads onto iPhones is now automatically prevented.