Product Documentation

Determining Your Hardware and Hypervisor Requirements

Apr 14, 2014

Each XenMobile component has specific hardware or hypervisor requirements:

  • User devices. This hardware requirement includes the number and types of devices that enroll when you deploy Device Manager, such as iPads or Android phones.
  • Hardware or hypervisor. These requirements include the hardware resources to support your number of users and devices. You install App Controller and NetScaler VPX on a hypervisor, such as XenServer. You can also deploy the physical NetScaler or NetScaler Gateway appliance. The number of users who connect determines the NetScaler Gateway appliance model you select, or the number of App Controller instances you install on the hypervisor.

    Your hypervisor, such as XenServer, must contain enough disk space and memory to support multiple instances of App Controller or NetScaler VPX.

This section describes detailed hardware or hypervisor requirements for each XenMobile component.