Product Documentation

Deploy Receiver from a Web Interface logon screen

Oct 29, 2015

You can deploy Receiver from a Web page to ensure that users have it installed before they try to use the Web Interface. The Web Interface provides a client detection and deployment process that detects which Citrix clients can be deployed within the user's environment and then guides them through the deployment procedure.

You can configure the client detection and deployment process to run automatically when users access a XenApp Web site. If the Web Interface detects that a user does not have compatible version of Receiver, the user is prompted to download and install Receiver.

As an alternative, you can provide users with installation captions, which are links that are presented to users on the Messages screen. Users click a link to start the client detection and deployment process. You can also use installation captions to enable users to access the client detection and deployment process to upgrade their Citrix clients to a newer version.

To use the client detection and deployment process, the Receiver installation files must be available on the Web Interface server. By default, the Web Interface assumes that the file names of the Receiver installation files are the same as the files supplied on the XenApp or XenDesktop installation media. If you download Receiver from the Citrix Web site or if you plan to deploy older versions of Receiver, check that the appropriate Receiver installation file names are specified for the ClientIcaMac parameter in the configuration files for your XenApp Web sites.

For more information, see the Web Interface documentation.