Product Documentation

About Citrix Receiver for Mac 12.4

Jan 13, 2017

Citrix Receiver for Mac provides users with self-service access to resources published on XenApp or XenDesktop servers. Citrix Receiver for Mac combines ease of deployment and use, and offers quick, secure access to hosted applications and desktops.

You can download the latest release from the Citrix Receiver for Mac download page.

What's new in 12.4

New enlightened data transport (EDT) layer

IT administrators can evaluate a new HDX data transport layer designed for challenging long-haul WAN and Internet connections. This alternative to TCP delivers a superior user experience while maintaining high server scalability and efficient use of bandwidth. This new transport layer above UDP improves data throughput for all ICA virtual channels including Thinwire display remoting, file transfer (Client Drive Mapping), printing, multimedia redirection and others.

Citrix Receiver for Mac reads the EDT settings as set in the default.ica file and applies it accordingly.

To disable EDT, run the following command in Terminal:

defaults write com.citrix.receiver.nomas HDXOverUDPAllowed -bool NO