Product Documentation

Configuring Workflows

Oct 08, 2015

You can use workflows to manage the creation and removal of user accounts. Before you can use a workflow, you need to identify individuals in your organization who have the authority to approve user account requests. Then, you can use the workflow template to create and approve user account requests.

When you configure App Controller for the first time, you configure workflow email settings. You must configure workflow email settings to use workflows. You can change workflow email settings at any time by using the System Configuration panel in App Controller. These settings include the email server, port, email address, and whether the request to create the user account requires approval or not.

You can configure workflows in two places in App Controller:

  • On the Workflows tab in the App Controller management console. On the Workflows tab, you can configure multiple workflows for use with application connectors. When you configure workflows from this tab, you can select the workflow when you configure the application.
  • When you configure an application connector. In the application, you provide a workflow name and then configure the individuals who can approve the user account request.

You can assign up to three levels for manager approval of user accounts. If you need other individuals to approve the user account, you can search and select additional approvers by using the person's name or email address. When App Controller finds the individual, you then add the person to the workflow. All individuals in the workflow receive emails to approve or deny the new user account.