Product Documentation

To export a certificate

Oct 08, 2015

You might need to export certificates when migrating to a new App Controller VM, backing up an App Controller VM, and sharing certificates between a pair of App Controller VMs used for high availability. You can export an existing server certificate and its corresponding password-protected private key to a file. You can only export certificates in Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format. You can also export a SAML certificate for use with applications that required an App Controller SAML certificate, such as Google Apps.

  1. In the App Controller management console, click the Settings tab.
  2. In the left pane, under System Configuration, click Certificates.
  3. In the table, select the certificate to export and then click Export.
  4. In the Export Certificate dialog box, in Password and Confirm Password, type the password that will be used to encrypt the exported certificate and then click OK.