Product Documentation

Updating App Controller

Oct 08, 2015

When new versions of the App Controller software are available, you can upgrade to a new version. You can also update App Controller with new application connectors or a system patch.

Software updates can include the following:

  • New version of App Controller
  • App Controller service pack
  • App Controller system patch

App Controller ships with a standard set of single sign-on (SSO) connectors that are included in the application connector library. In addition to the standard set of connectors that are delivered as part of App Controller, you can install connector library updates by installing connector packs. The connector pack can include application connectors for new applications added to App Controller or modifications to existing connectors. Connectors can also be released as part of a service pack, system patch, or a new release of App Controller.

You can install new versions of the App Controller software, new application connectors, or system patches by using the Release Management option in the App Controller management console.

  • If you deploy App Controller as a high availability pair, you upgrade the primary virtual machine (VM) first and then the secondary VM. For more information, see xmob-appc-ha-wrapper-con.html#clg-appc-ha-wrapper-con.
  • When you install an upgrade, a patch, or you update the application connectors, and then you want to install another patch, you must restart App Controller before installing the second patch.

To update App Controller

You can use this procedure to upgrade your existing App Controller deployment with new versions of the software, install new application connectors, and install system patches that become available for App Controller.

  1. In the management console, click the Settings tab.
  2. Under System Configuration, click Release Management.
  3. In the Release Management table, click Upgrade.
  4. In the Upgrade dialog box, click Browse and then navigate to the installation package on your computer.
  5. Click Open and then click Upload.

    The file uploads to App Controller.

  6. If prompted, restart App Controller.

    App Controller might not require a restart after the update installs. In this case, a message indicates that the update installation is successful.