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Connector essentials

Jan 11, 2018

What are Connectors?
Connectors are the interfaces to environments where you create Layers and publish Layered Images. You create one or more Connector Configurations for each platform where you intend to package Layers or publish Layered Images.

What are Connector Configurations?
A Connector Configuration is a stored set of values for connecting to a storage location in your environment. A configuration typically includes credentials for authentication, a storage location, and any other information required to interface with the environment where you will be creating layers or publishing images. You can create multiple Connector Configurations, each configured to access a unique location in your environment.

What Connector Configurations do I need?
Connector Configurations for importing an OS to create an OS Layer
When you create an OS Layer, you need a Connector Configuration to give the appliance access to the location of the OS image that you want to use for your OS Layer.

Connector Configurations for creating and updating App Layers, and adding Versions to OS Layers
When creating or updating an App Layer, or adding Versions to an OS Layer, you need a Connector Configuration for the location in your environment where you will package the Layer. You can create as many configurations as you need, for example, if you have more than one storage location in the environment.

Connector Configurations for publishing Layered Images
Publishing Layered Images will require different Connector Configurations than the ones you use for creating Layers, if, for example, you publish Layered Images to a variety of storage locations near the users being served. For example, you can prepare your Layers for a server farm in vSphere, and publish Layered Images to Citrix PVS for streaming to servers in vSphere. Or, you can publish Layered Images to more than one storage location in the same environment, each requiring a different Connector Configuration. Each location is likely to require different credentials.

How and when to add a new Connector Configuration
If this is your first time using the App Layering Service, you will need to add one or more Connector Configurations in the process of adding Layers and publishing Layered Images. In the Management Console, the wizards for Creating Layers, Adding Versions, and Publishing Layered Images each include a page for selecting and creating Connector Configurations.