Product Documentation

Change administrative passwords

Jan 11, 2018

The App Layering Appliance (aka Enterprise Layer Manager) is managed using three administrative accounts. To ensure system security, you must change these passwords the first time you access the Management Console.

  • administrator account for the Management Console - The account for the management console, which is hosted on the App Layering Appliance. The default password is Unidesk1.
  • root user account for the appliance - The default Linux superuser account, which has access to all commands and files on the appliance's Linux OS. WARNING: This password is required if you ever need to reset your other administrative accounts. The default password is v9Yx*6uj.
  • adminstrator account for the appliance - The account for the command line utility where you can change the appliance's network setting, date, time, ntp server, or time zone. The default password is Unidesk1.


Resetting your other administrative accounts requires the root user account password.

To change the passwords for the administrative accounts on the appliance

  1. If you are logging on to the management console of a newly installed appliance for the first time, skip to Step 3.
  2. Select User > Set up Login Credentials. On the About Your Credentials tab, the three administrative accounts are described.
  3. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the administrative accounts for the appliance.
  4. For each account, type the new password and then type it again in Confirm Password.
  5. On the Confirm and Complete tab, click Change Credentials.