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Platform layer

Jan 11, 2018

A Platform Layer includes the platform software and settings required for your layers and layered images to run flawlessly in your environment.

You can create Platform Layers for two purposes:

  • Creating layers (also called Packaging layers) - Use this type of Platform layer for creating App layers when you've imported the operating system for your OS layer from a different hypervisor than the one on which you are building your layers..

  • Publishing layered images - Use this type of Platform layer in your image template so that the published layered images run flawlessly in your environment. 

Types of Platform layers

Use the following table to determine whether you need a Platform layer, and if you do, what software to install on it.

Platform Layer for Packaging Layers Platform Layer for Publishing Layered Images

When to use

Use to create App layers if your OS image was imported from a different hypervisor than the one where you are creating layers.

Use in Layered Images that run on a different hypervisor than the one from which your OS image was imported. Or, if the environment includes a provisioning service and/or a connection broker.

This layer is NOT necessary if your Layered Images are running on the hypervisor from which your OS image was imported.

What to include

Install the software that you need to create layers on the hypervisor where your App layers will run.

Install the hypervisor, provisioning service, and connection broker software and settings required to run your Layered Images.

What you need

The software and settings for the hypervisor on which your Layered Images will run.

The software and settings for the environment where your Layered Images will run. Includes your:

  • Hypervisor
  • Provisioning service
  • Connection broker

The general steps for creating a Platform Layer are to:

  1. Complete the Create Platform Layer wizard in the Management Console.
  2. Connect to and log into the Packaging Machine.
  3. Install the hypervisor software along with any provisioning service and connection broker software.
  4. Verify the Layer and Shutdown the Packaging Machine.
  5. Finalize the Layer. 

Choose your platform

For details about creating a Platform layer, select the environment that best describes where your layers will be packaged or your layered images published: