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Connectors for publishing

Jan 11, 2018

When publishing Layered Images, you need a Connector Configuration that defines the location where you will publish the images, preferably near the servers you intend to provision with the images. You can create as many Connection Configurations as you need.

Citrix recommends publishing layered images to the environment where the App Layering appliance is installed, either to the hypervisor itself, or one of the other connectors supported in  Hyper-V environments. Choose from one of the following connectors.

Hyper-V connector configuration

PVS connector configuration

Network File Share (appliance's file share)


If you decide to publish Layered Images on a hypervisor other than the one where the appliance is installed, you can publish to the appliance's file share using the Network File Share Connector. After publishing the image, you can manually copy the file to the desired location.