Product Documentation

Create image templates

Jan 11, 2018

You can create Image Templates for publishing layered images to your target platform, for example, your hypervisor or provisioning service. From there, you can use the published layered images is to provision servers on your chosen platform.

An image template includes the OS layer, App layer, and Platform layer assignments to include in the layered images that you generate using the template. The template also includes a Connector Configuration that specifies the location where the layered images are created, typically a convenient location from which to provision servers in a particular silo. 

You can create as many templates as you need, and publish as many layered images as you need from a single template. The templates can include any combination of layers for provisioning any number of servers.

Select the connector configuration that you are using for your template. The connector configuration defines where to generate layered images. Typically, it's best to select a location close to the servers you would like to provision using the image.