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Publish to Citrix PVS

Jan 11, 2018

A Layered Image is a virtual machine that App Layering composited from the layers and settings specified in an image template. You can publish one or more layered images to the appliance's Network File Share, copy the image(s) to your target environment, and use them to provision Session Hosts in your environment. This is especially useful if App Layering does not yet include Connectors for the platform where you're provisioning systems.


To publish a Layered Image, you need one or more Image Templates.

The Image Template you select should have the correct OS Layer and any App Layers you want in the Layered Image.

Publish a Layered Image

You can use an image template to publish a layered image, as follows:

  1. In the Images module, select one or more image template that you want to publish.

  2. On the Action menu, select Publish Layered Image.

  3. On the Confirm and Complete page, select Publish Layered Images. For each image template, this starts a task called Publishing Layered Image. When each task completes, the task description provides the information you need to navigate to the image in your environment.

  4. Use the information in the expanded Packaging Disk Task shown above to navigate to the location where the layered image has been published.

Next step

After publishing the Layered Image, you can use the image to provision servers in your environment.