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Publish to Citrix Machine Creation Services for Nutanix AHV

Jan 11, 2018

A Layered Image is a virtual machine that App Layering composited from the Layers and settings specified in an Image Template. You can publish one or more Layered Images to Nutanix Acropolis, and add each one to a collection, provisioning service, or another method for provisioning your systems.


If you want the virtual machine to shut down on its own, you can specify a script to run when publishing the Layered Image. For details about enabling and using Scripts, see Machine Connector Services for Nutanix AHV Connector Configuration.

Publish a Layered Image

In the Images module, select one or more Image Templates to publish.

In the Action menu, select Publish Layered Image.

On the Confirm and Complete page, select Publish Layered Images.
For each template, this starts a task called Publishing Layered Image. When each task completes, the task description provides the information you need to navigate to the image in your environment.

Use the information in the expanded Packaging Disk Task to navigate to the location in Nutanix AHV where the Layered Image is published.

In the Prism console, power on the Packaging Machine virtual machine. The Guest OS runs and then any Layer scripts run through the App Layering kmssetup.cmd functionality.

You can use scripts to perform important Layer-specific steps. For example, you can activate Microsoft Office, which may need to be done before the virtual machine is used to create or update a Machine Creation Services catalog.


You can run Layer scripts by using the App Layering kmssetup.cmd functionality, the App Layering Run-once script support, or running the scripts manually.

The virtual machine shuts down - When the virtual machine is in the desired state, the virtual machine shuts down and the status changes to Done.

When using the Machine Creation Services for Nutanix AHV connector, when the virtual machine is shut down, a snapshot is taken to preserve the state of the virtual machine for use in Machine Creation Services. The snapshot name is prefixed with "XD_" and contains the name of the virtual machine. This step is required for the Machine Creation Services for Nutanix AHV plugin and enables Machine Creation Services administrators to easily identify the published Layer virtual machine or snapshot. If the job is canceled while the connector is waiting for the virtual machine to shut down, the virtual machine is deleted as part of the cleanup, in case you want to keep the virtual machine and perform additional steps to prepare it for Machine Creation Services.