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Publish to Citrix PVS

Jan 11, 2018

A Layered Image is a virtual machine that App Layering composited from the Layers and settings specified in an Image Template. You can publish one or more Layered Images to PVS, and stream them to the systems you want to provision.


To publish a Layered Image, you need one or more Image Templates.

Publish a Layered Image

To use an Image Template to publish a Layered Image:

  1. Log into the Management Console.
  2. Select the Images modules.
  3. Select one or more Image Templates, then click Publish Layered Image.
  4. On the Confirm and Complete tab, click the Publish Layered Image button. This starts a task called Publishing Layered Image. When the task completes, the task description provides the information you need to navigate to the image in your environment.
  5. Use the information in the expanded Packaging Disk Task to navigate to the location in PVS where you published the Layered Image.

Next, you can assign the new disk to the targeted devices.

Assign the new vDisk to the targeted devices

  1. Log into the PVS console.
  2. Access the target PVS server. The new vDisk appears under the targeted PVS store (refresh may be required to see the vDisk).
  3. Assign the new vDisk to the targeted devices.
  4. Using Citrix PVS best practices, test the new vDisk to ensure that the image streams to the server as expected.