Product Documentation

App Layering in XenServer

Jan 11, 2018

Citrix XenServer prerequisites

  • XenServer account and privileges
    A XenServer account to use for App Layering service.
    The account must have XenServer privileges to:
    • Create and remove virtual disks.
    • Copy and delete layers on virtual disks by using XenServer file APIs.
  • Citrix XenServer software and settings
    Access to the XenServer Tools to install on the layer.

  • XenServer resource information
    The XenServer info listed in XenServer Connector Configuration.

Storage requirements

  • 350–500 GB storage space
    The App Layering appliance uses local storage for temporary files and finalized layers. The more layers you create, the more space you need. However, if you run low on space, you can expand the size of the current disk, or add other disks to the appliance when needed.

  • 40–100 GB network file share (SMB)
    The file share connected to the appliance is used for upgrades, Elastic Layers, and cross-platform publishing. You can expand this space, if necessary.

Operating system requirement

You need a supported operating system freshly installed from ISO, to use in your OS layer.  For details, see the App Layering System requirements for operating systems. The OS layer is used to build all of your other layers and Layered Images. Preferably, the ISO should be imported from your hypervisor, so that the operating system is partially optimized for your environment.