Product Documentation

Set up a file share for the App Layering appliance

Jan 11, 2018

The Citrix App Layering appliance, also known as Enterprise Layer Manager (ELM). must be connected to a network file share. While setting up the network file share for the appliance, do the following:

  • Configure the file share to use Secure Message Block (SMB) technology.


If you used a previous version of the product to configure the network file share, you can continue using the file share. However, it doesn't support Elastic Layer assignments.

  • Configure full permissions for user credentials for the file share.

  • Set up the file share to be read-only for all users except for the user configured in the appliance. This setting secures the Layers and other files stored on the share.

  • Ensure that you have the minimum storage space requirement of 40-100 GB for your file share.


Storage space is expandable. You can add space to a disk, or other disks to the appliance.

  • Set up a file share that is hosted in your hypervisor.

Create the network file share

Configure a file share that uses the SMB protocol.

  • Follow the vendor instructions for setting up a file share that uses the SMB protocol. 

Configure the appliance to access the file share

After creating a file share, configure the appliance to attach to the share. You can configure the appliance by using the App Layering management console.

  1. In the management console, select System > Settings and Configuration, scroll down to the network file shares setting and then click Edit.

  2. Specify a Type, Path, User name, and Password for the file share.

  3. Click Test Network File Share to see if you can connect to the file share. The test returns a message stating either Success or Failed to mount network file share path.

  4. When the test returns a Success message, click Save.