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SSL Encryption

Jan 30, 2014
This page has the main password and enable/disable toggles for SSL compression.
  • Key Store--For greater security, keys are password-protected. SSL compression will not take place unless the key store is opened with the password. For security reasons, SSL compression is disabled after each restart, until this password is entered. If user data encryption is used, compression is also disabled until this password is entered. .
  • User Data Store--User data, consisting mostly of disk-based compression history, can optionally be encrypted using AES-256 encryption. Changing the encryption state causes disk-based compression history to be lost. Encrypting the user data protects the contents from disk-based compression history from being examined if the unit is stolen or removed from service.
  • SSL Optimization--The master enable/disable switch for the SSL compression feature.
Figure 1. SSL Encryption Page
On a CloudBridge appliance, when you enable the Disk encryption and SSL optimization features and restart the appliance, you must enter the SSL keystore password to use the Disk encryption and SSL optimization features. Until CloudBridge release 7.1, setting an SSL keystore password was mandatory to enable these features. However, starting CloudBridge release 7.2, you can bypass the setting an SSL keystore password to enable features.
Note: By default, the SSL keystore password setting is enabled.
To disable the SSL keystore password settings
  1. Navigate to the Configuration tab.
  2. In the Navigation pane, click SSL Settings.
  3. In the SSL Settings page, click the Disable Password link.