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Sending Citrix CloudPlatform APIs

Dec 22, 2015

The API access to Citrix CloudPlatform (CCP) managed by CloudPortal Business Manager (CPBM) is enabled by proxying API request through the CPBM server. This section provides the syntax for sending API calls to cloud endpoints.

The API endpoint to access CCP APIs through the API proxy is as follows:
http://<Hostname of the CPBM server>:<port>/portal/client/apis/<API Proxy suffix name>/?command=<CCP API command>&apiKey=<CCP API key>&response=<json or xml>&timestamp=<Timestamp>&signature=<Signature>
Refer to Adding an instance to the CCP service for information on the API Proxy suffix name parameter.

All the parameters specified to the API proxy are forwarded to the specific CCP server.

For more information on each API parameter, see CloudPlatform Developer's guide and API Reference.