Product Documentation

Onboarding and Managing the Citrix CloudPlatform service

Dec 22, 2015
Onboarding a service refers to the process of:
  • Deploying a CCP connector into CloudPortal Business Manager.
  • Enabling a CCP connector and adding a CCP service instance.

CCP Connector

The CCP connector is a Java based OSGi bundle which:
  • Implements the CloudPortal Business Manager Cloud Service Interfaces
  • Defines the following metadata:
    • Endpoint and credential parameters
    • Resource Metadata: Various resources that can be provisioned and metered
    • Custom UI Views for Subscription provisioning
    • Service Controls
The CCP connector implements set of hooks and CloudPortal Business Manager invokes these hooks at appropriate stages. The stages include:
  1. Account Creation
  2. User Creation
  3. Resource provisioning
  4. Product definition
  5. Usage collection
  6. Event collection

Multiple instances of Citrix CloudPlatform (CCP) can be added in CloudPortal Business Manager. You have to first enable the CCP connector. After enabling, roles defined by the CCP service are mapped to appropriate CloudPortal Business Manager profiles.

Note: The service onboarding for customer and customer's users depends on these role mapping. Ensure that roles are appropriately mapped to profiles.