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Known issues

Dec 22, 2015
Following list describes some of the conceptual changes and observations along with workaround:
  • In CloudPortal™ Business Manager (CPBM) 1.4.x, when an account is created, the domain is also created simultaneously in Cloud Stack. After upgrade, even if the account has any pending workflow such as email not verified or credit card details not entered, user still sees that the service instance to the cloud portal is enabled.
  • For all inactive catalogs, prices will be null. You need the Catalog to synchronize with reference Catalog.
  • Non Billing Admin Tenant users will no longer be able to see charges incurred to them for past Billing Periods.
  • Non Billing Admin Tenant users will be able to see discounts and taxes on charges incurred by them for the current period.
  • If there are any terminated accounts in the system, then billing job after migration might give partial error for terminated account.
  • For products, types do not exist in CPBM 2.x. Instead, categories are introduced. Right now all the categories are shown as uncategorized after upgrade.
  • If autopay is disabled & instant invoicing is enabled, then the autopay flag gets enabled. However, this is an unsupported configuration.
  • After upgrade, the details page, of existing invoices, displays empty fields for description, quantity, and chargeable units.
  • After upgrade from CPBM 1.4.x to CPBM 2.x, network offering is displayed twice in the Provisioning Constraints page of the Add Product Bundle wizard.
  • After upgrade from CPBM 1.4.x to CPBM 2.4, any changes made to Content Templates in the categories "Includes", "Styles", and "Invoices" get reset to their default values.
  • After upgrade from CPBM 1.4.x to CPBM 2.x, the "" billing parameter gets reset to 744.

    Workaround: In case you have set the value for the configuration "" in CPBM 1.4.x, then after upgrading to 2.x, you have to reset it back to its original set value from Administration > Configuration > Portal > Billing > hoursIn.month.

Warning: CPBM upgrade is not supported on the physical server and is only supported on the VMs.