Product Documentation

Adding a channel

Dec 22, 2015

You can add a channel to represent a market segment and serve a particular customer base. You can add channels from the CloudPortal Business Manager UI. You can configure channel-specific branding so as to serve better the customers of that channel.

You can over-ride the settings configured at the portal level and specify settings at the channel level (for more information see Channel specific branding). You can specify the FQDN prefix.

  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager as Root user.
  2. Click Channels > Add New. The Add Channel wizard opens.
  3. Specify the channel details such as name and description for the channel, code, FQDN prefix, billing group, and click Next.

    The FQDN prefix is unique to a channel. The FQDN prefix is a prefix to the CPBM Host URL. Since a channel is identified by the FQDN, tenants can directly use the FQDN to access that channel. When a user accesses the CPBM host URL using the FQDN, the FQDN is used to resolve the channel context for the user. For FQDN configuration, see Configuring FQDN.

    A billing group corresponds to channels belonging to a distributor or a group of channels that can be grouped for billing purpose.

  4. In the Select Currencies page, specify the currencies for the channel and click Next. The products and product bundles, in this channel, are sold in the specified currencies.
  5. In the Select Cloud Services page, select the clouds services that will be made available for the channel.
    • The All Services page of the tenant or account will list only those services that have been enabled for its channel.
    • The Preview Catalog page of a channel and the Add Product Bundles in channel catalog will display only those bundles whose service is enabled for that channel.
  6. In the Default Settings page, specify the default settings that will apply to accounts created under this channel and click Next.

    If these are not set, then the global system level default values are used. The default settings include settings for language (default locale for accounts), time-zone, help desk email address, help desk phone number, channel is open or closed for registration, and country and email domain white list and blacklist. If you specify black and white lists for countries, it is recommended that you enable GeoIP protection service. A white list always takes precedence over a blacklist. When you do not define a white list for a channel, if a global white list has been defined, it takes precedence.

    By default, the value of the parameter "allow.signup" from Administration > Portal > Settings specifies whether the channel is open or closed for registration. You can over-ride this setting and specify a value that is different from the default.

  7. In the Custom URLs page, specify the custom URLs such as support URL, home URL, terms of use URL, and so on, and click Next. These URLs are used to create hyperlinks in footer section when a tenant user created under this channel logs in. These settings enable resellers/channels to point the users to their own URLs. If these are not set, then the global system level default values are used.
  8. Review and confirm the channel details.
  9. Click Add and then, click Close.