Product Documentation


Dec 22, 2015

CloudPortal Business Manager (CPBM) is a multi-lingual; multi-currency self-service portal product that enables cloud-enabled and delivered services to be vended to end consumers. It provides a comprehensive business and operational support system for operators to use to deliver these cloud services to their audience.

Figure 1. CloudPortal Business Manager

The above figure shows CPBM with the connector for an IaaS cloud service built for the Citrix CloudPlatform product. Other Cloud services may integrate with CPBM by developing a custom built connector for their own service that conforms to the specifications described in this document. To facilitate the development of this connector, CloudPortal Business Manager provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can be used to ease the development of this connector.

To implement a connector, an implementer will have to consider multiple aspects of the integration. The following figure describes the steps needed to integrate a Cloud Service with CPBM.

Figure 2. Steps for Cloud Service Integration

The specification includes descriptions of the metadata that needs to be provided, the SPI interfaces that the Cloud Service connector will have to implement as well as the CPBM facilities available for the connector to use in order to realize the integration. We will discuss each step in the following sections.

At a very high level, a Cloud Service Connector will have to provide the following:
  • Metadata: This is vital information describing the capabilities of the underlying Cloud Service along with information needed to successfully connect and orchestrate actions against an instance of a Cloud Service. This will typically be represented as an XML file that is bundled as part of the package.
  • SPI Implementation: A set of implementations to the various SPIs defined in CPBM. Some of these SPIs are mandatory while others will be able to leverage CPBM capabilities to deliver additional functionality, if implemented.
  • Resource Files: A set of resource files that provide language specific translations for any UI visible elements of this Cloud Service.

The connector will be packaged as one or more OSGi bundles for deployment into the CPBM footprint.