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Sample Metadata

Dec 22, 2015

The sample metadata given below can be used as a reference by connector implementers to build their connectors.

Connector with no resource types or usage types

A connector can be developed for a service that has no resource types or usage types. For example, monitoring as a service that is being offered as a free service; in such a case, there is no provisioning from the CPBM catalog and there are no charges for the service.

Sample metadata (with no resource metadata tags):
      <!-- The value of this tag should be a unique identifier for the service. Refer to the documentation for attribute values -->      
    <Id type="CLOUD" singleton="false" category="MonaaS"></Id> 
    <!-- The value for 'ref' specified below should be the same as defined in service-sdk-context-osgi.xml and service-sdk-context.xml --> 
    <!-- The value of the tag itself is the class which implements the interface pbm.platform.spi.CloudConnectorFactory --> 
    <Connector ref="com.citrix.basic.connector.monitoring">com.citrix.basic.connector.BasicConnectorFactory</Connector> 
    <Image type="logo">logo.jpg</Image> 
    <Image type="banner">logo.jpg</Image> 
    <Vendor version="0.0.1">Citrix Demo Inc.</Vendor> 
      <Property id="MonServerURL" type="String" encrypted="false" validation='{"required":true}' /> 
    <Role name="ROLE_ADMIN_MONITORING" scope="GLOBAL" /> 
    <Role name="ROLE_TENANT_MONITORING" scope="TENANT" /> 

Connector with only usage type

Connectors can be developed where no provisioning happens from CPBM catalog, but the usage is reported and charged accordingly. For example, VM protection as a service.

Sample metadata for ResourceMetadata tag:
    <UsageType name="VMProtection" uom="Hours" />        
    <Uom raw="Minutes">      
      <Scale name="Minutes" conversionFactor="1" default="true" /> 

Connector with resource type, but no components

Connectors can be developed that offer a service such as simple object storage as a service. In such a case, the resource type is just storage buckets and there are no components to define the resource type further.

Sample ResourceMetadata:
    <ResourceType name="StorageBucket" constraint="NONE"> 
        <Property id="name" type="String" validation='{"required":true}'/>