Product Documentation

Connector Service Controls

Dec 22, 2015
The connector supports the following set of Service Controls from CPBM at the tenant level:
  • Metadata Items: Number of metadata items allowed per instance
  • VCPUs: Number of processor cores that can be allocated
  • Instances: Number of instances that can be launched
  • Injected Files: Number of files that can be injected
  • Injected File Content Bytes: Maximal size of injected files in Bytes
  • Injected File Path Bytes: Maximal size of injected file path in Bytes
  • RAM (MB): Amount of RAM that can be allocated in MB
  • Floating IPs: Publicly accessible IP addresses for persistence in DNS assignment
  • Fixed IPs: Privately (or publicly) accessible IP addresses for management purposes
  • Security Groups: Number of security groups that may be created
  • Security Group Rules: Number of rules per security group
  • KeyPairs: Number of KeyPairs,that can be created per user
  • Volumes: Number of volumes that can be created
  • Gigabytes: Total size of all volumes and snapshots within a project as measured in GB
  • Snapshots: Number of snapshots that can be created