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Defects Fixed

Dec 22, 2015

This section describes the defects fixed in the release of CloudPortal Business Manager (CPBM) 2.4.

Defect ID Severity Category Description
Customer-reported defects

CPBMD-21205/CPBM-1695 Critical Billing, UX There is a mismatch between the utility charges shown in the product catalog and the utility charges shown on the subscription page.
CPBMD-20862/CPBM-1555 Critical Account Management, Administration The Instances tab (of the CCP connector's manage resources UI) breaks when a VM gets stuck in expunging state.
CPBMD-20871/CPBM-1556 Critical Administration, Security If the root user attempts to simultaneously edit more than one account by using different tabs, one customer's information gets incorrectly overwritten by the edits made to another customer's account.
CPBMD-20876/CPBM-1544 Critical Administration, Connectors CloudStack/CloudPlatform connector's API proxy does not support POST API calls.
CPBMD-21184/CPBM-1665 Critical Billing Billing job fails if usage is reported for a volume that is hard deleted from the CCP database. Resiliency has been added in billing job to skip such usages.
CPBMD-20945/ CPBM-1615 Major UX On the Dashboard > Usage & Billing > Payments page of an account, the vertical gap between the footer and the main page is incorrect.
CPBMD-20867/CPBM-1553 Major Catalog Management Although a user uploaded template is marked as public and is featured by the CloudStack/CloudPlatform administrator, CPBM treats it as a user defined template.
CPBMD-20952 Major Subscription Provisioning When the root user browses the tenant's catalog, the browse catalog pages display the currency of the root instead of that of the tenant.
CPBMD-21033/CPBM-1642 Major Security Security check (based on role) is missing for some URLs.
CPBMD-21187/CPBM-1680 Major Account Management If billing period type is 3(ANNIVERSARY_DATE), billing period config should be left blank or null. However, this scenario is not handled correctly in CPBM.
CPBMD-20664/CPBM-1234 Major UX In the Instances tab of the CCP connector's manage resources UI, the VM information popover is not displayed correctly.
CPBMD-20816/CPBM-1518 Major UX The timezone (UTC+4) option is missing in the dialog box to configure Recurring snapshots.
CPBMD-20923/CPBM-994 Major UX The right side alignment of the second level menu in the My Services tab is incorrect.
CPBMD-21014/CPBMD-21110 Major Billing Entitlements do not get prorated when you convert a trial account to a paid account in middle of a billing period.
CPBMD-20992/CPBMD-20984/CPBM-1566 Major Administration Salesforce API calls are now optimized to fetch ticket details..
CPBMD-21010/CPBM-1635 Major UI On email verification of new account, the language on the login page changes to English although the language for the account has been set to French.
CPBMD-20802/CPBM-1501 Major Account Management Account search returns invalid results on the second page onwards.
CPBMD-20928/CPBM-1605 Major IAAS (CloudStack) In CCP connector's UI, the data volume resize option is not available for a volume that is attached to a VM which is in "running state" and is with "VMware hypervisor".
CPBMD-21182/CPBM-1659 Major Account Management Notifications of type 'SNAPSHOT.CREATE' are incorrectly mapped to root user in case of end user's recurring snapshots.
CPBMD-21203 Major Billing, UI Billing job fails while trying to send invoice email for French locale.
CPBMD-21181/CPBM-1668 Major Billing Accounts with zero final charge account statements get incorrectly suspended.
CPBMD-21167 Minor CCP Connector CPBM allows you to launch a VM with two NICs belonging to different tiers, although this option is not supported in CCP.
CPBMD-21022/CPBM-1637 Minor   CloudPortal build ID is improperly displayed after upgrade to 2.3.0 Patch B.
Other defects

CPBMD-20789 Critical Billing Daily billing job skips processing of usage if it is unable to insert usage data attributes due to size constraints.
CPBMD-21028 Critical Subscription Provisioning If the VM is stopped instantly after launch, the associated subscription never goes to ACTIVE state.
CPBMD-21039/CPBM-1654 Critical BSS API In certain cases, the account-types API does not list all account types.
CPBMD-21044 Critical BSS API Incorrect error message is displayed when you pass an invalid value in the sort parameter of "profile" BSS API.
CPBMD-21073 Critical BSS API The Ops Admin user can view payments of a master user although he does not have the necessary permissions to view them.
CPBMD-21089 Critical Channel Incorrect URLs are displayed to anonymous viewers in the footer of the CPBM pages
CPBMD-20927 Critical Account Management, Account Provisioning Tenant ID of the root account is same across all deployments.
CPBMD-21017 Critical Customization SDK
Multiple fixes in custom field framework:
  1. Handling of validation checks defined in validations xml when you edit account details.
  2. Handling of invalid custom field values when you edit myprofile.
  3. Resolution of error message keys (given in validation-constraints.xml) to the messages as per a user's language.
  4. Handling of unique value constraint in custom fields.
CPBMD-20668/CPBM-1456 Critical Connector The options to manage static routes for a Private Gateway are not displayed the VPCs tab of CCP connector's manage resources UI.
CPBMD-21040 Critical BSS API Incorrect message is displayed when you use the BSS API to create a trial account without promo-code.
CPBMD-20986 Major Subscription provisioning Billing Admin user is able to view and cancel the subscriptions from invoice tab.
CPBMD-20863 Major Account Provisioning If the enabling of CCP service fails for the first account in a channel, then CCP service cannot be enabled for any other account in that channel.
CPBMD-20936 Major UX Incorrect message is displayed when the re-provisioning of an errored VM fails.
CPBMD-20946 Major UX The Add bundles to Catalog dialog box does not display an appropriate message when there are no bundles available for addition to the catalog.
CPBMD-20949 Major UX User custom fields are displayed as text boxes instead of labels in the CPBM UI.
CPBMD-20979 Major Connector Any change in the user details in CPBM is not propagated to CCP.
CPBMD-21031 Major Product Management For a resource type with resource constraint "1 per user", the Add Bundle wizard erroneously shows the inapplicable l constraint "Only at the account level; no limits on number of subscriptions".
CPBMD-21082 Major BSS API Incorrect XML response is received in case of any error in BSS API.
CPBMD-21165 Major Account Management, Billing When instant payment is turned on for an account and if a payment errors out, CPBM erroneously sends a payment received notification to that account.
CPBMD-21155 Major Administration smtp mail does not work when mail.smtps.auth is turned off.
CPBMD-20940/CPBM-1607 Major IAAS Because no read timeout is set for API calls to CCP, an http client making an API call to CCP may have to wait forever for data.
CPBMD-20997 Major Product Management If the product description exceeds 255 characters, the add or edit product bundle operations fail.
CPBMD-21177 Major Resource tab For a public IP address belonging to a VPC network, there is no option to enable remote access VPN.