Product Documentation

Installing the Connector

Dec 22, 2015
  • Windows Desktops Web Interface UI+Agent is setup and configured with Citrix CloudPlatform
  • Both Citrix CloudPlatform and Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager time synced (They can be on different time zones)
  • Usage monitor service of Citrix CloudPlatform is installed and running. The following are the install steps:
    1. In script of Citrix CloudPlatform, select option S to install the Usage Monitor service in CloudPlatform
    2. sudo service cloud-­‐usage start
    3. sudo chkconfig cloud-­‐usage on

Installation Steps

Following are the steps to install the connector for Windows Desktop in CloudPortal Business Manager.

  1. SSH into CloudPortal Business Manager installation
  2. sudo service cloud-portal stop
  3. Transfer the binaries com.citrix.ssd-<x.x.x>.jar to the location /usr/share/vts3/connectors
  4. Add the line <artifact type="bundle" name="com.citrix.ssd" version="[<x.x.x>, <x.x.x>]"/> within the plan tag in the file com.citrix.cpbm.connector.plan located at /usr/share/vts3/connectors within the section marked by the xml comment <!--CloudService Connectors-->
  5. Note: x.x.x is the version of the connector.
    sudo service cloud-portal start