Product Documentation

Adding a User

Dec 22, 2015

As a master user of a customer account, you can add users for the customer account. These users can then access the full range of cloud services from CloudPortal Business Manager.

  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as Master user.
  2. Click Users > Add New.
  3. Enter the user details such as name and email address of the user in the Add User page.
  4. Select the user's profile.
  5. If required, click Customize Welcome Email to add a subject and custom welcome message in addition to the default welcome message that is provided by the system.
  6. Click Finish.

The user will receive a email which contains a link to verify his email and to set the password. The user must log in through this link the first time to confirm that the email address was valid. If the user has lost the email or has not received the email, the master user can resend the email once again by using the resend verification email link.

To resend the verification email:
  1. Click Users. You can view all users of your customer account along with user details.
  2. Select the user whose information you want to manage.
  3. Place your cursor over the manage icon (that looks like a gear wheel) and click Re-send Verification.
  • Please note that the email id provided by user is not editable. Ensure that the email id is valid and active.
  • If you are just testing the Add User functionality and sending the welcome email to yourself, log out of CloudPortal Business Manager before you click the email's login link. Trying to log in as two different users simultaneously can cause the new user's details to be stored incorrectly.