Product Documentation

Create multiple users with Bulk User Import

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-02-12
You can import new or edit existing users in a customer hierarchy by using the Bulk User Import feature. This feature enables you to create new or modify existing multiple users as specified in a Microsoft Excel 97-2003 format workbook (.xls). You can download a new blank template or a workbook populated with existing user information from the portal. In either scenario, you perform the following actions:
  • Download the appropriate template
  • Create new or edit existing users
  • Upload the template to the portal
  • Select users to add or update
  • Provision services to the users and then provision the users
After uploading the template, Services Manager gives you the opportunity to perform the following actions:
  • Resend the file process request to upload the template again
  • Import the users from the template you uploaded
  • Download the template you uploaded
  • Cancel the bulk user import process
  • Delete the file from the imported file list

Bulk User Import Template Settings describes the template's workbook headings and settings.

Consider the following when you create or edit a Bulk User Import template:
  • Do not rename the column headings in the templates.
  • Do not leave blank rows between users.
  • The templates do not support provisioning new services to users. You must provision services to users through the Services Manager by using the User Functions or Multi User Selection features.

To download a template

  1. Click Users > Bulk User Import.
  2. Click one of the following options, then click Save when prompted to save a copy of the template on your PC:
    • Click New Users Template to download a blank workbook template with column headings.
    • Click Existing Users Template to download a workbook with column headings and cells populated with user data.
    • Click Generate Template to create a new template with column headings and cells populated with current user data. When the workbook template is ready, click Existing Users Template to download it.
      Note: This selection exists depending on how Services Manager was installed. The workbook is not generated immediately. The speed at which the workbook is generated depends on how many users exist in the customer hierarchy.

To import users

  1. Click Users > Bulk User Import.
  2. Under Upload User Import File, click Browse, navigate to your new or edited workbook, and select it.
  3. Add a description for the workbook and click Upload. The Bulk Import File List displays the file details as the file is verified.
  4. From the file list, click the upload date of the file you uploaded and, under Import File Management, click Import. The User Import page appears.
  5. Click New Users or Existing Users to view the uploaded users. The list of users is shown, including any users who might have errors in their entries. You can select verified users to import at this time, and fix invalid users to upload at a later date.
  6. (Optional) Expand a user to view account properties associated with the user.
  7. Click Save to import the selected users.
    Note: You cannot import users that have errors in their entries. With your mouse pointer, hover over any error to reveal the source.
  8. Provision one or more services to the users and provision the users to activate them in the customer hierarchy.