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Lync Enterprise 2013 and Lync Hosted 2013

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-10-03

The Lync 2013 services provide out-of-the-box support for Microsoft's Lync Server 2013 to tenants, resellers, and users and delivers unified communication services from the cloud.

The Lync Enterprise 2013 service is for dedicated Lync environments. The Lync Hosted 2013 service is a multi-tenanted solution that can host multiple customers in a shared environment. Lync Hosted 2013 complies with the Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Multitenant Hosting Pack Deployment Guide, available from the Microsoft Download Center (

Features in Lync 2013 services

Both services provide the following features:
  • Manage SIP domains per customer
  • Manage DNS records per customer
    • SRV records for SIP domains (Access Edge Server)
    • A or CNAME records for Lync clients and simple, meet, and dialin URLs (Front-End Servers)
  • Manage line and service URIs
  • Manage SIP addresses
  • Enable or disable Lync user accounts
  • Manage user policy allocation
  • Reporting for Lync users and account types
  • Supports Workflow Approval in Services Manager
  • Supported languages: EN, DE, FR, NL

Additional Features in Lync Enterprise 2013

  • Customizable user plans with telephony, registrar pools, and policy options
  • Allocate dial plans to users

Additional features in Lync Hosted 2013

  • Manage Lync tenant organizations
  • Manage SIP domains per customer
  • Manage DNS records per customer
  • Manage simple and meet URLs
  • Customizable user plans with simple URL options; for example:
  • Manage federation: Support for SIP domain blacklist and whitelist
  • Partitioned address book to manage the visibility of contacts and distribution groups for Lync clients
  • Publish global and customer-specific dial plans

How do I deploy the Lync 2013 services?

Before you deploy the Lync 2013 services, review the deployment requirements in Plan to deploy Lync Enterprise and Lync Hosted services.

Use the following topics to install, configure, and provision the services: