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View ShareFile billing information

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2014-01-29
The ShareFile service includes the following billing reports:
  • ShareFile Customer: Displays details for all customers provisioned with the ShareFile service.
  • ShareFile Plan: Displays ShareFile customers and users grouped by plan at the reseller level.
  • ShareFile Reseller: Displays ShareFile customers and users at the reseller level.

To view these reports, click Reports > View Reports, and then expand ShareFile.

Important: To maintain accurate billing data for customers, ensure the cost and sales price values you configure for the ShareFile service are updated in the event of updates to ShareFile's service pricing. Because of limitations in the ShareFile Reseller API, Services Manager cannot read summary billing data directly from Therefore, you must manually verify with ShareFile that the cost and sale price values you have configured in Services Manager remain accurate.