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Upgrade platform server roles

Jun 05, 2015
Updated: 2013-08-16

For upgrades, the term platform server roles applies to the Directory Web Service, Provisioning, and Web server roles only.

When you upgrade the Provisioning role, the Configuration Tool performs the following tasks:
  1. Back up the configuration files.
  2. Stop the Queue Monitor service.
  3. Disable all scheduled tasks.
  4. Upgrade product files and applicable registry settings.
  5. Restore configuration files and apply any XML updates.
  6. Restart the Queue Monitor service.
  7. Re-enable all scheduled tasks.

When you upgrade the Web server role, the Configuration Tool imports service package components such as service schema and properties. For components that will be updated with newer versions, the Configuration Tool gives you the option of overwriting the current version or ignoring the component.

The following customer data files are preserved during the upgrade process:
Upgraded server role Location of preserved files
  • INSTALLDIRProvisioning EngineappSettings.config
  • INSTALLDIRProvisioning EngineCortexCommand.exe.config
  • INSTALLDIRProvisioning EngineCortexEventLogMonitor.exe.config
  • INSTALLDIRProvisioning EngineCortexQueueMonitor.exe.config
  • INSTALLDIRProvisioning EngineProvisioningManager.exe.config
  • INSTALLDIRProvisioning EngineRequestGenerator.exe.config
  • INSTALLDIRProvisioning EngineRulesEditor.exe.config
  • INSTALLDIRCortexWebWeb.config
  • INSTALLDIRCortexWebCortexDotNetWeb.config
  • INSTALLDIRCortexWebCortexDotNetDownloads*
  • INSTALLDIRCortexWebCortexDotNetpics*
  • INSTALLDIRCortexWebCortexDotNetStylesheets*
  • INSTALLDIRCortexWebCortexAPIWeb.config
Note: If your deployment of CloudPortal Services Manager 10 includes customizations, be aware that you might need to update these customizations manually when you upgrade to CloudPortal Services Manager 11. For example, you might need to update custom stylesheets to accommodate changes in the site structure.

For instructions to upgrade the platform server roles, see Upgrade platform server roles using the graphical interface or command line.